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This is our featured flintknapper section, where we will spotlight different flintknappers. We will put up a profile of the knapper and show pictures of their work and run their work through our scoring system if they like. If you are interested in being a featured knapper please contact us.


Featured Flintknapper:

Jim Winn, California

We have chosen, Jim Winn, a self-taught knapper from California as our first featured knapper.  Jim represents what we strive for here at Modern Flintknapping.  He is pushing the envelope with his work, understands the skill involved in making a thin piece and is constantly developing his skills.  Jim employs new and interesting techniques in his work, such as the parallel flaking over percussion as seen in his obsidian piece.  Jim is open and easy to talk to with no hidden agendas and genuinely interested in seeing the art of flintknapping continue to progress.  He has several videos on YouTube that i would recommend anyone wanting to learn more about flintknapping view.  I would like to thank Jim for his help on the development of the grading system found on this site.  To see more of Jim's work go to www.flintknappers.com and visit his gallery.  Below are pictures of some of his talented work and how they score in the grading system.

Jim Winn's Obsidian blade score
Length 15 1/8
Width 2 5/8
Diamter 3/8 W/T 7/1

1)480 pts
2)397 pts
3)210 pts 7/1 ratio
4)1225 pts 40.3/1 ratio

Total Score--2202 pts

                                               click on images to enlarge
Jim Winn's Biface score
Length 14 3/4
Width 3 3/8
Diameter 1/2 W/T 6.75/1


Total--1199.5 points